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Height 7.5″
Length 7.5″
Depth 2.5″
Chain Drop 22.5″



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Daniella Ortiz products are sourced and produced with the highest level of craftsmanship, materials, and integrity.


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Each design is handcrafted by lifelong artisans of Buenos Aires, the source of world-famous leathers and exotic skins. Our bags and accessories are sent directly from Argentina to ensure the finest quality, so forgive any delays.

Reviews from our Happy Customers

I’ll never forget the first time I met Daniella Ortiz. It was at a women’s charity event in Florida at Addison Reserve Country Club, having just moved there from California.
She had a stunning radiance and genuine warmth that was magnetizing. We hit it off right away.
Then I saw her handbags behind me displayed! Beautiful large semi-precious stones paired with colorful elegant leathers and skins. At a quality level that you rarely ever see. Wow factor. She started showing me all her favorite pieces with such love and passion for them that I forgot I was shopping. Picked that day 5 to 6 handbags and several jewelry pieces...I treasure and love all my DO after that! I just had and have a great time every time I visit their shop on Worth Avenue. Daniella Ortiz isn’t just a handbag. It’s much more.
It’s an experience.

Lisa Ann Fullmer, California

Daniella Ortiz and Me!
I love all my beautiful clothing and shoes, but most of all I adore my collection of handbags by Daniella Ortiz! The extraordinary colors, leathers, and styles are a joy to look at in my closet—and to choose one for that special accent. Every handbag is thoughtfully designed as to how a woman might want to use it and the quality is superb. They are one of a kind treasures.
I discovered Daniella and her store in Palm Beach when she first arrived over 12 years ago and I’m always delighted when I visit her store. Always something new. Daniella and Alfredo are a creative power team, who are passionate about their customers as much as the individuality and luxury of their fabulous handbags. They are genuinely beautiful people too.
Treat yourself and you’ll always feel rewarded by that perfectly unique handbag.

Hedy Becker, Palm Beach, FL

Reasons I buy Daniella Ortiz’s handbags and have many of them:
1. They are good looking - beautiful leather in a texture that repels dirt and dings
2. They make sense. Daniella designs bags with lots of flexibility that really work for a woman who works, travels, and/or is very busy.
3. That come in lots of beautiful colors that make you feel happy when you carry them!!!

Ann Poucher, Boca Grande, FL

I would be happy to tell you why my closet is filled with Daniella Ortiz bags! Not only bags but also beautiful jewelry! I have most every style of bag...casual bags and evening bags...skin and leather, both. I don’t think there is a color I don’t have from one of your many collections! Not only are the bags beautifully made and the leather soft and durable. Your bags are in the most luscious colors! The skin bass is exquisite! The findings are of such beautiful quality and craftsmanship. I had never had an issue with any of your bags or jewelry. The leather also cleans beautifully and easily, although I am very careful with your special handbags. I, for one, prefer beautifully made handbags that express my style and don’t enjoy wearing bags that I see everywhere, no matter how much status they represent. I also adore Daniella and have formed a lovely relationship over the years. All of her customers are “her friends!” She is enthusiastic about her work and it’s contagious!

Caren Gaitman, New York

I have always believed that beautiful things happen because of beautiful people!
That has proven to be true with the exceptional collection of Daniella Ortiz luxury handbags, jewelry, and accessories-launched 2006 (the year we met).
Daniella and husband, Alfred Ortiz provide the passion for fashion, color, distinctive designs. Marketing/Sales/etc and Quality Control/Mfg (In Argentina)
I have been so very fortunate to enjoy the rewards of their work-So beautiful!
And Most of All Our Friendship!💕

Jacquelyn Denning, Goldman, Greenwich CT

All D.O pieces are designed and handcrafted in Argentina, where the finest leathers and exotic skins in the world are produced. Exceptional attention is given to every detail, which results in designs that not only look but also feel amazing for all who experience them.

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